Lizzie Garrett
Lizzie Garrett
ux designer + strategist in San Francisco

Hello! I’m a UX designer + strategist in San Francisco


Diving in to complexity

The world has no shortage of interesting and complex challenges to solve. I aim to pick important ones, roll up my sleeves, and dive in: learning, aligning, and co-creating products and experiences that everyone can get behind.


An adaptable approach

I’ve designed services and products on four continents, and across a multitude of industries including mobility, healthcare, financial services, education, and philanthropy.

I’m also comfortable working end-to-end: from research insights to detailed wireframes to shipped products. That said, these are my sweet spots…



I have a knack for taking a deep dive into complex and messy systems, and developing frameworks to better understand them.


Facilitating alignment

By listening to and working closely with various stakeholders, I can help uncover solutions that align diverse needs.


zooming in and zooming out

I keep the big picture in mind, while considering the details and edge cases, and continually strive for strategic simplicity.


Building things together

Working alongside developers and using evidence to drive iteration, I’m experienced in bringing ideas to reality.


Designing for good

I currently work at a design studio focused on social impact and behavior change. Most recently, I’ve designed digital solutions to complex and systemic challenges such as simplifying government bureaucracy and closing the educational achievement gap.



Simplifying the Section 8 housing experience.

santa clara housing authority | tenant app


the challenge

For people receiving housing subsidies, there are many bureaucratic hurdles and opaque processes to navigate. Our goal was to create a new digital tool to help people easily and securely submit information, communicate with case workers, and gain real-time visibility into processes. This new tool needed to integrate into existing systems and workflows, as well as accommodate the needs of a vulnerable population. 


my role

Design Lead: system and ux design

Project status

Launched in 2019

More on this project coming soon…


Snapshots of other work...

Ux / service design / strategy

gomi screens.jpg
Getting Health Coverage.jpg

Easing access to health coverage, even in times of crisis

San Francisco Health Network. Service design


Aligning on new ways for philanthropy to tackle economic inequity

Northern California Grantmakers. Systems + strategy

GENESIS poster.jpg

Structuring a mobility ecosystem around customer values

Automobile manufacturer. Research + strategy


Engaging a new generation of volunteers

GlideSF. Service design + strategy


Encouraging investment by connecting present action to future potential

Graduate work. Design + Framer prototyping


Enabling play, even when the pet owner is away

GOMI. UX design


Connecting consumers with people and stories behind products

Maker. Community + product


Imagining a truly integrated Hyperloop transportation system

Graduate work. Experience design + prototyping


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